"A thing of beauty" - Marcella Reeves, Executive director of Family Paths.   Read More >>
"We could not have asked for a more thorough or professional experience in building out and maintaining our fabulous new student information system!" - Tessa Nicholas, Head of School.
"You Rock" - Curtis Goodwin - President
Waterfront Blues Festival Scheduling 2011.
"Jonathan Shaw has delivered outstanding development and consulting services to Tenrec. Over the past 6 years we've continually been very impressed with the quality of his work and extensive knowledge base.. - Per Casey, President, Tenrec Inc .
"Jonathan's approach to database solutions and customer support provided TriCN with a solution to our database needs in a timely manner that anticipated a lot of our needs for the future. - Ron Nikel, CTO and Co-Founder TriCN, Inc (Currently Synopsis).
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