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Metamorpho-Sys is presently building the second phase of the FaCTS application which has been in production since 2009 and supports Family Paths with its mission of providing critical support services to families in need.   Through extensive analysis of a surprisingly complex workflow and an interative agile design process, we were able to build a system that has been accepted to rave reviews. The demo is of a solution designed specifically for Family Paths. The software for your organization would be tailored to your needs while leveraging pre-built and tested functionality.

The demo is currently off-line. Please call (503) 901-5395 for an in-person demo.

In addition to tracking all client and referral information, the system features:
  • A custom ad-hoc reporting tool and the ability to save associated report templates as well as fixed format reports that can easily be exported to PDF for sending via email.
  • Automates Medi-CAL AEVS System checking
  • The Default URL (webpage), displayed information and access to features is customized to the position, location and role of the user.
  • A reminder application (a separate windows service) that will package reports and send to the recipient along with the reminder on the scheduled date.
  • The ability to automatically track historical information and status of clients rather than just a current snapshot.
  • The ability to locate resources (other organizations) within a given distance of a caller's address through the integration of Yahoo GIS web services.
Here is a selection of quotes about the application:
  • "Thanks Jonathan.................have I mentioned how much I truly enjoy your product! You did an amazing job with all of our 'what ifs and yes buts'!!" Janet Beaty, Administrative Program Manager
  • Our new database is fantastic. It saves enormous amounts of time, and allows us to track more data more accurately. We can track a client with multiple simultaneous openings in different programs, and we have the client’s information on hand starting at the intake phone call, so we can see the client’s referral status at every step of the process. The reporting functions let us gather our demographics in a fraction of the time we used to spend, and we can add or subtract items to track to adapt to changing requests from our funders. The comment/reminder emailing function really enhances communication between staff members, and staff can connect related family members and even track and connect important contacts who are not actually clients, such as teachers and social workers. And even our most technologically shy staff say they feel comfortable using it. Overall, we wonder how in the world we ever managed without it. Thanks! Tesser Call, Records and Data Entry Coordinator
  • Life is so much easier! Everything I need is at my finger tips, no more running around trying to hunt for information in different places. I feel more efficient. User friendly! Can I have one for my home? Rebecca Gonzalez, CalWORKs Billing Specialist
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