About our products and services:
  • We use Innovative custom software tools and a proven architecture based on the latest .NET platform that allows for extremely rapid prototyping of applications.  All our development is done "on-shore" and allows for strict quality control over the delivered software.  Unlike many other 3rd party tools, you receive full access to all of the source code within the platform. This allows your developers the ability to extend and enhance beyond the initial project.
  • We use a Proven Methodolgy and application of best practices for leading edge, cost effective and efficient solutions.
  • Our Extensive Experience implementing systems for both the non-profit and for-profit world in a variety of areas from conservation corps to social service organizations, human resources to insurance, product management to medical contact capitation reimbursement, the solutions offered by Metamorpho-Sys give our customers lasting value for money.
  • Versatility is our strength. With a network of contacts in the Bay Area software industry, Metamorpho-sys can assemble a customized team of high-level professionals for each project as needs dictate, minimizing overhead and alowing us to pass on the savings to our customers.  We can host our application software on your servers (recommended for performance) or can host in the cloud relieving you of the need to maintain your own IT infrastructure.
  • We Provide Lifecycle Management of our software. From inception through rollout and support, training and maintenance, Metamorpho-Sys can be relied upon to provide exceptional service.

  • We have developed a number of Utilities that other .NET developers may find useful in their applications, source code is available in C#. Please Contact Us for pricing. We can also provide custom database and application integration of these components. All components will require your own active subscription to the service.
  • A .NET class library that automates downloading of call records from WhosCalling.com WhosCalling does not publish a webservice API to pull call information into a database so we built a tool that parses their on-line reporting and pulls down the necessary information including Mp3's of recorded calls
  • A .NET tool to automate the checking of the AEVS system for MEDI-CAL eligibility in California.
  • A .NET tool to automate the download and management of bankruptcy data from PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) and keep track of your associated expenses.

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